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Full band Christmas party. It is going to be ace.

16th December

6.30pm (sharp)

Proud Camden (for Camden Rocks Presents)

£5 cheap list if you ask for it in advance - email me.


Tickets here

Let's Get Pi*&$ed Off available to stream

Well friends, the election is over (for now) and enough of us were pissed off to make a real difference. Sadly Mr M Gove is now back in government so I guess I'll just have to keep playing this song for a while!

If you like it, please share it. See you at a show.

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Katie MF is an alt-folk/punk songwriter and singer from London. Together with her band, she has a growing reputation for energetic and exciting live performances. Come along to a show and get your fix of politically-minded acoustic punk*

*other lyrical topics are available.