Well, that was quite the weekend! I trotted up to St Albans to speak to the lovely Alex McKay, curator of The Music Lab on Radio Verulam, in what will forever be my first radio appearance. He kindly allowed me to wax lyrical about some of my favourite artists, before performing Leaving for the Last Time, Nights Unspecified and Rat Race live in the studio – he nearly had to get the bleeper out but thanks to this timely reminder (photo below), I got through it. Phe-ew.

The full programme in all its glory.

I then jumped in the car and sang my way up the M1 to a mini-festival/birthday party, got attacked with glitter, drank several thousand beers, met some great people and generally had a great time. Oh, and played a set. That too.

For the third and final gig of the weekend, I was at the genuinely excellent Gladstone Arms for their weekly acoustic night, run by Sam Bowcher from Bark Promo (my favourite promoter in London). It’s right next to Borough tube station and has an enviable beer range (enviable because I was still shedding glitter and not sure which universe I was in by the time I arrived, so didn’t sample); check it out.

Next up, The Spice of Life!