Artwork by Gerry Alexis

So we’re all in the midst of the extended comedown that is January – I’ve been hungover for three full days now (see left) and it’s just not funny anymore – but, slowly, things are creaking into place. Here are my top three:

  1. My debut EP will be released on the 13th April, and will be called Learning How To Lie. I’ll post the tracklist in a couple of weeks (try to contain yourselves).
  2. I’m throwing a party to celebrate this the night before (so, the 12th April), featuring three of my favourite artists who I’ve had the good fortune to share a stage with in the past year. More details soon, but get it in your diaries folks.
  3. I quietly released a standalone single this morning, just for the craic. It’s called Kiss Me Again and you can find it on your digital platform of choice!