Let’s get pissed off, and let’s use our vote. It’s the only say we get, the only power we hold.

A few years ago, when Michael Gove was still Secretary for Education, he tried to implement a policy which would have banned books by non-British authors from being included in English curricula. That pissed me off, so I wrote a song about it. It pissed me off even more that I didn’t vote in the previous election, because I thought it wouldn’t make a difference.

Fast forward to 2017. Brexit, Trump, the rise of small-minded populism – a surging tide of opinion that would probably agree with that particular policy. I figured it was time to update the song.

So here it is. It used to be called “Mr Cameron, Mr Gove”, but I think the new title better captures the idea. Disclaimer: it’s not a subtle deconstruction of a new political age, but jeez, screaming “fuck you Mr Cameron” into a mic just never gets old!